September 14th, 2020

Ingress OT3

Dept. of 2D Friendship

When Received Wisdom Isn't.

You'd think that this myth would have been dispelled years ago, particularly after we've had over a quarter century online (holy crap!) in which to disprove it, but it's still out there. 

It goes like this: friendships you develop on the Internet aren't as real as those you have in "real life". 

This is just a reminder, from someone who prefers to call online and not-online friendships 2D and 3D respectively, that this is bullshit. 

They may develop differently; they may proceed slightly differently; a friendship developed online may become one that continues offline and a friendship developed offline may continue online. 

They are equally friendships. 

So, yeah, that "it isn't friendship" bit? As I said, bullshit.

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