September 1st, 2020

Something unimportant

Dept. of Never Catching Up

So August Comes to an End

When August started, I was sure I'd be able to post every day, or almost every day. I thought I had the energy - specifically the mental energy - to do that. Obviously it didn't turn out that way. 

In the meantime, our block is slowly recovering from the Aug. 11 tornado, although the very base of the biggest downed tree is still lying on the greensward, with its roots in the air. 

I didn't watch the Republican National Convention, because I knew my head would explode. I did do a sort of second-hand watch via a few clips shown on some of the late night shows including LENI RIEFENSTAHL-WANNA-BE  KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE'S SPEECH, and the surreal horror of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protestors walking by their McMansion. The portion of Matt Gaetz's speech that I saw before back-buttoning in fear for my grasp of actual life in this actual universe was ... not of this universe. 

[personal profile] beccadg , I haven't forgotten our brief discussion earlier in the month about what the Republican Party stands for, and what it should stand for in the eyes of Republicans who have been with the party longer than the past 12 years. As is the case with my fic, and with everything else, it seems, I am glacially slow. But it's an important question. 

BB is fighting a fairly new physical battle. It's not life-threatening, but it is quality-of-life-threatening, and it exhausts him. Because we are so closely aligned, it also exhausts me. If you're the type to send out wishes to the universe, could you send a few out on his behalf? Casa KathBob would appreciate it. And that's all that will be said about that. 

It's Sept. 1 - I'm officially on Medicare! w00t!!1!

And now, back to my WiP. Did I mention I'm glacially slow? I did? Good. Nevertheless, I persist. 

I'll end with these pictures; a couple of the largest downed tree the day of the tornado (although I know that this is nothing compared to the horrendous climate-generated tornados, floods and wildfires other places in the U.S. are enduring), and my political action figures. Or should I say Action!! Figures!! (AOC doesn't actually look as wall-eyed as she seems, Trust me.)
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