May 25th, 2020

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Minor Announcement, With Irritation

Because Live Journal has, for the past couple of weeks, resolutely refused to accept my crossposts from Dreamwidth, and because manually reposting is a piece of irritation I'm not willing to deal much with*  in my current self-isolation situation, I'm going to the following procedure.

For my open Dreamwidth posts, I'll just post a note here on LJ saying something's been posted and people can read it over on Dreamwidth, and comment there with Open ID if they don't have a Dreamwidth account.

If the post is locked, I'll reproduce it here in its entirety, and lock it here as well.

I doubt this is a big deal for most of my f'list, since many of y'all have Dreamwidth accounts, but there are a few of you who I don't want to lose sight of who pretty much stick to LJ. LJ is making it ever more difficult to want to stay, but I haven't yet reached the "fukital" stage.

*Here's the situation, as explained by a Dreamwidth help volunteer. (I note that I'm not the only one dealing with this; there were at least 20 help requests for crossposting difficulties when I first reported mine, going back weeks, so it's apparently widespread.)

  LiveJournal's abuse detection systems have gotten significantly more sensitive, they're no longer responding to our contacts about this and are claiming to Dreamwidth users who contact them that they're no longer able to whitelist our IP addresses the way they have for the past decade, and we're very limited in what steps we can take to work around the blocks when they impose them. We're doing what we can to work around the issue, but I'm afraid it may be a while until crossposting works reliably again.