November 25th, 2019

Blue Tardii

Dept. of Belated Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Remarkable Twins

I met
mack_the_spoonand her sister namarie24a surprising number of years ago, over on Television Without Pity. I shared their love of Doctor Who, I could definitely appreciate their love of The X-Files and a few other television shows, and I liked reading their fiction (and occasionally edited some.)

What really impressed me about these two young women, though, besides my awe of their love for and mastery of linguistics, was their shared sense of faith. Even though I do not share it, I can see how it powers their lives, and does so in a very positive way.

Yesterday (Nov. 24) was their shared birthday.

I wish for both of you a sense of fulfilling mission, with time for your kitties, time to explore all the fascinating aspects of where you call home these days, much friendship and love, connection with your family back in North America, and occasionally some time spent with the fun of fandom. Happy, happy birthday!

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