March 16th, 2019

Big Barakomon grin

Dept. of Answering Posts

Food Love

Thank you all so much for your suggestions, after my panicky "my brainz don't werk and I kant post nuthing" post. I'm going to be answering a bunch today, and then as the days go on, I'll be returning to that post to get your questions and answer them. 

The first questions, on both Dreamwidth and LJ, had to do with food. 
[personal profile] lilacsigil  asked, "Favourite foods: to cook, and to eat when someone else is making it!", while [personal profile] flowsoffire  on LJ asked "Favourite food? Favourite recipe to make?" (She also asked a couple of other neat questions, that I'll answer in another post.)

So, hmmm. 

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