June 3rd, 2018


Dept. of Birthdays

Once More Into the Birthday Breach 

May seems to have gotten away from me; there are a couple of very lovely people whose birthdays occurred last month, and one whose birthday took place at the beginning of June. 

[personal profile] sallymn  celebrated on May 24. She loves classical music; you can tell because of her encyclopedic knowledge, and I love listening to the pieces she often shares. She's a fic writer, and she makes wonderful icons, several of which I more than occasionally deploy. I know she's dealing with some less than happy times at work, so I wish her the best possible outcome in that situation, and an excellent 2018-2019. 

[personal profile] lydy  also celebrated on May 24. She is frighteningly intelligent, able to mount trenchant arguments on almost any issue, and does not suffer fools gladly. I hope that her birthday kicks off a year of excellence for her. And perhaps sometime soon, we'll get another chance to chat in real life. 

Belated birthday wishes (June 2) to 
[personal profile] cassie_faith . Here's hoping that you get the job you want,  and can enjoy the coming year with friends and confidence! This entry was originally posted at https://kaffyr.dreamwidth.org/698715.html?mode=reply, where there are currently comment count unavailable comments. You can comment there or here, but prefer to read over on DW. You can comment there using open ID if you don't have a DW account.