May 26th, 2018

Happy River and Twelve!

Dept. of Stitchery Guy Dvision

Sartorial Achievement Unlocked, Father of the Groom Version

We headed off early this afternoon to get a suit for BB for the wedding. I think both of us were expecting it to be a long and painful process. We certainly expected to go to both men's wear places we'd identified. Instead, we walked into the nearest Jos A. Bank store, and he chose the second suit he tried. It still needs to be tailored to his measurements, but it should be done in two weeks, which will be in plenty of time for the wedding, on June 23. He also bought a nice tie that will actually act as a sartorial bridge between his suit and my outfit. 

The fact that we had the ability to buy a suit for him, and the ability to pay for my dress and jacket to be made (a bespoke outfit! I've never had one before!) still makes me feel vaguely guilty. But I'm trying to put that feeling on ice. It's not something I could have done many other times in my life, and it's for an event that I hope signals lifelong happiness for my son. 

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