December 1st, 2017

Medieval Clara

Dept. of Hey! December!

In Which Visitors Come to Casa [personal profile] kaffyr 

I certainly remember all of you folks, and it's good to get back in the swing of things. I had so many things I thought I'd post about over the last couple of weeks (The Tragic Affair of the Squeaking Mouse being one of them), but I never got around to doing so. Perhaps I can get started again this month, which promises to be a busy one for me. 

At least one lovely thing that happened at the end of November was a very brief visit from two young online friends who I've known in 2D world since about 2006 or 2007, sisters mack_the_spoon and namarie24, who were in town to celebrate their birthdays with a viewing of the Chicago version of "Hamilton." It was far too short a visit, and as it came during a) my working week deadline day and b) a week in which union pressures were building - and was a necessarily short stay for them before they headed out to other cities - I did not get a real chance to sit and talk to them. Since they saw me in one of my more fluttery, worry-wartish modes, I am glad that they didn't simply back away slowly and find a motel somewhere. 

I also didn't really wish them Happy Birthday in the way I would have liked to, but now I can say I hope that these two intelligent, kind, observant, fannish, hardworking young women of faith have a wonderful year to come. 

And here's a photo (under a cut because it's a big picture) I snapped just before they headed off. I believe its Nam on the left and Mack on the left (but I'm sure they'll be here shortly to tell me that I got it wrong. Again. Heh.
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