October 13th, 2015


Dept. of Catching Up. Sort Of.


Physical condition: Exhausted. Really exhausted.
Number of friends' posts to which I've wanted to reply and haven't: All of them. Too many. Take your pick.
Number of personal phone calls/personal emails/personal messages I've wanted to make and haven't: See above.
Posts about my brother's visit: None, yet.
Pictures of same: See above.
Posts about Under the Lake and Before the Flood that I wanted to make: At least two.
Posts I actually made: Dick all.
Union drama: Too fucking much.
Union drama I care to talk about: Again, dick all.

And in summary, dear friends, wow, I suck at everything.  But I'm too tired to care.

Oh, wait, the Cubs.

Hmm. That might make me feel better.

Or not.

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