June 14th, 2015

TARDIS at Giverny

Dept. of First, Birthdays

Happy, Happy Birthdays, Past and Present

Once again, I've gone and forgotten birthdays, so here I am, catching up. 

Happy Birthday, way back on June 2 to cassie_faith. I hope the day was good, and I hope that a tough year will get far less tough, that a loving kitty can be found, and that the sun shines brighter for you throughout the next year. 

Happy Birthday on June 7 to earlgreytea68. She's an intensely good writer, whose work I first enjoyed in Doctor Who fandom, but who also shines in Sherlock fandom - and in the wide world of original fiction, which is so cool. She's adventurous (making the move from the east coast to the far end of the Mississippi delta,) disciplined and witty, and I hope her birthday was a great introduction to a great year.

Happy Birthday on June 8 to 
[personal profile] acciochocolate , she of the gorgeous icons and impressive graphics. She's a great fan of the Beatles (as everyone should be), and of Doctor Who, and is in all ways an excellent person. I hope your birthday was a good one!

Happy Birthday the very next day - June 9 - to the talented 
[personal profile] livii  (really talented. I am in awe of the power of some of her Doctor Who fic.) I always enjoy reading her comments, hearing about her life with two young sons (you are braver than I ever could be!), and her thoughts on the world in general. I hope your day was splendid, and that the boys treated you right; may the rest of 2015 be good to you.

Then a mere three days ago, on June 11, the lovely 
[personal profile] time_converges  had a birthday. She is a fan of one of the Doctor's most awesome companions, Donna Noble, she's a fan of Elementary, and she's written perceptive and lovely pieces for both fandoms. May your birthday have been as quiet or as raucous as you wanted it to be, and may the rest of the year treat you well!

Two days ago, on June 12, 
[personal profile] dark_aegis  had a birthday. She was one of the talented fanfic writers who encouraged me by her example, and through her kind comments, to begin writing myself. I benefited from that, and I most definitely enjoyed her stories.She isn't around much these days, but I hope she had a good birthday. (I hope you're still enjoying Agents of SHIELD, too!)

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Cat grass

Dept. of Cats

Opie Update

Well, the twins are now in the hands of my lovely daughter of the heart and her sweetie. I am so grateful to them, and I will check in regularly, to see how the twins are treating her and her own two kitties. Their place is much larger than our tiny condo and that should, in theory at least, give all the cats room to be away from each other.

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And there you have it, the Neurotic Cat Report for Sunday. As for the rest of the day, I'm going to make some salsa verde, do my exercises (which have been upped to some very challenging ones, which is why I'm hanging around online and not doing them, augh, and go Costco-ing. Because that's my idea of a fun Sunday. Heh.

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