May 7th, 2015


Dept. of Whoah, Nellie

 Who Says I'm the Only One in My Family to Have Fun?

I remember my brother telling me about this last year, during one of our regular phone calls. He told me the story as only a cop can .... grumbling, filled with irritated but real sympathy for the girl, and annoyance about having to go to court on it. 

And yeah, the constable is my baby bro.

As a point of interest, I think the judge was just a trifle wrong-headed. Someone with that amount of booze in them is in serious danger, and in  my opinion needs help more than anything else. But perhaps this was something that at least indirectly helped her find some help. 

ETA: As of Friday, when I was chatting with my brother, he reminded me of a couple of things that the news story didn't talk about (possibly because it wasn't brought up in court) and that he had probably told me way back last year. When I mentioned the amount of liquor she said she'd had, Mac snorted dismissively. "She lied," he said. He reminded me that, yes, that amount of liquor, if actually drunk, would have sent her to hospital, not to a holding room. She was just drunk enough to kick a policeman ... that does make the judge's decision more understandable - and the reporter's story much less well reported.
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