February 3rd, 2015

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Dept. of Post-Snow Vacation

A Good Monday, and a Busy Tuesday

Yesterday I kept meaning to sit down and post, because I had exciting news to tell you (well, for various pedestrian powers of exciting.) Remember my tale of pedal woe regarding winter boots, and the supposed loss of the one that didn't need to be fixed, just after I got the other boot fixed? Well, I found the other boot, hiding in a dusty corner of our rear stairwell. You have no idea the amount of rejoicing this engendered. Or perhaps you do, if you know my ability to be chuffed with the slightest positive happening.

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In more fannish news, we watched more Korra last night.

We're in the middle of the third season; both BB and I are wondering at the lack of closure from the end of Season 2 ... strike that. Argh: just discovered that we didn't watch the last episode of Season 2 because we somehow didn't acquire it. That explains a lot. How embarrassing.

We're also well into Durarara, and I can say with certitude that I have never disliked a character more, never solemnly yet feverishly wish for a character's downfall, more than I do Izaya. (I do occasionally remain amazed at my ability to become emotionally connected to 2D characters, but only occasionally. It's me, and that's that.)

And now it's back to the kitchen, although I'm going to move my laptop to the dining room so that I can post throughout the day. And I hope to trawl through my friends' list to find out what y'all have been doing.

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Dept. of Evil Shit

Because Beheading's so Last Week

Fighting very hard not to say "Let's Drop the Big One, and See What Happens."

1. Take one large part teenage "oh, you're not impressed with what we did first? Well how about this?" Make sure it's buried under other layers in the recipe, because it's at the core of the dish. Very, very important to the whole thing.
2. Add a heaping helping of "It's OK to ignore my conscience, and indulge and nurture  my sadistic tendencies until they grow way beyond my ability to stop them growing further, because someone told me God will pardon me and that God wants me to do this."
3. Mix in a pinch - only a pinch, mind you, but spread it over the top, so it's the first thing everyone sees in the final baked good - of real grievances.

4. Bake.

5. Wait for the world to weep.

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Dept. of Because My Life Needs This

 And Now We Have Squirrel(s) In Our Heating Ducts

Yesterday, I thought (like an idiot), that it was just the system settling because, I don't know, the weight of snow on the HVAC units on the roof. 

Nope. I should have paid more attention to the cats going fucking nuts yesterday. 

They're also going nuts now. And all I can think of is "The poor thing." 

We'll be spending $300 to $600, probably, to extract the squirrel(s), and I'm praying we can do it without taking sections out of our wall, or killing the little guy(s)/gals(s). Failing that, that we send 'em to heaven quickly and relatively painlessly, and get them out before they start to smell. 

Only us, Maynard.

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