January 27th, 2015

Pompoko yawns

Dept. of Just Keep Swimming

Two Days 'til Vacation

And I'm going to make it, I swear.

How do I know I need it?

Because this is the extent of my posting ability.

I will, perhaps, have more to say tomorrow, but that's not a given. Tomorrow, we are supposed to begin using our new editorial platform. Tomorrow we've all been told to begin handing in reports, prior to 9 a.m., about what stories we intend to get done that day. Am I surprised? No. I'm just muttering, "Thirty-six months until early retirement, I don't care how penurious my existence will be after that, 36 months, 36 months, I can live on cardboard and peanut butter if I have to, 36 blessed months ...."

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