December 14th, 2014

Ein 2

Dept. of Relief

So It's Sunday

And I can say I'm ambiguously relieved (because I'm never completely relieved. Never, ever. Because of my dour family history. Because it's me).

 I've purchased nearly all the Christmas, Yuletide and other holiday gifts I hope to get. The one exception is BB, because he is very difficult to find gifts for. He's given me at least one suggestion, on which I'll take him up, but I want to find something else.

I got through our Sunday condo association board/membership meeting. It took less than an hour, every one who came (and I think we only had eight of our 18 units care enough to send representatives) supported the budget and the 25 percent assessment hike. The one person I thought would come and cause more problems didn't. Yay, us, and go, me!

I've gotten my [community profile] fandom_stocking "to-do" list done. (I'm a little disappointed that not everyone who once got involved in fs got involved this year, but that's life, I guess.) Note that I didn't say I've gotten any stocking stuffers completed. That would be too much to ask for. I shall do those at the last minute, fueled by the adrenaline rush of deadline-induced fear.

I still haven't sent out holiday cards, although a pile are sitting on the table, waiting to be written and addressed. BB and I have to go out later, to attend FB's and Ms Emily's latest radio play, so I'll try to get at least 10 done in time to drop them in the mail by the time I walk out the door.

BB and I are all caught up on the animes that we're watching together. Tomorrow, he goes for his radioisotope uptake thyroid test (think I got that phrase right), and we'll see where that leads us.

I also got an Internet advent calendar, and I've decided that if it's not the best thing ever, it's certainly one of the best things of this month.

We probably won't get a tree until Thursday or so, which is four days later than we normally get it. Normally, "pick a tree" day is on the 15th, but that's tomorrow, and I have deadline crap all day, and an incredibly boring school board meeting to attend at night.

Oh, and I'm reading the second in the Rivers of London series, and enjoying it. Thank you, Paul Cornell, for getting me into supernatural British police procedurals through your two London Falling novels (London Falling and The Severed Streets).  The Rivers of London stories are much less intense, and a lot funnier, than Cornell's works, but both series are worth it. Cornell's two novels are definitely full of both terror and horror, and I'm waiting for the third in the series.

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