September 9th, 2014

Eight in time

Dept. of Good Things

Positivity, Redux

1. At the end of the another long day, and returning home from another meeting, I was again presented with a parking space within paces of my own back door. The Great Spider, who often provides parking spaces if you pray to her, using the phrase "Come on, Great Spider; come oonnnn, Great Spider!!!", was there for me again tonight. Thanks, Great Spider!

2. I do not have a headache. This is grand!

3. And this happened. I think very little of the current Prime Minister of Canada, but even I can share his elation at the discovery of one of Franklin's ships -  if only because the discovery proves that Inuit reports about the fate of some expedition members were right, even though They Didn't Come From White People. (Mind you, I've often thought that anyone choosing to start an expedition into the unknown on ships named Erebus and Terror would have had little reason to expect a sunny outcome.)

4. In connection with 3, there's this. It still raises the hair on my arms and the back of my neck, every time I hear it - the only song of his that ever did that to me. When I hear it, I feel the North, and that fills me with awe.

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