August 5th, 2014

Good Day for Writing

Dept. of Tuesday

Work, Workity, Work

What I really want to do is fool around on DW/LJ and finish Chapter 23 of Hearts and Moons, because it's finally, finally coming together.

Or perhaps start re-reading the epic ASOIAF fanfic "The North Remembers" by Silverblood. It's the best long-form fanfic I can remember reading, and I greeted every new AO3 alert of a new chapter with glee I normally reserve for Christmas presents. The writer did an incredible job in more than 600,000 words and 113 chapters, completed over two-plus years, of finishing the story GRRM has not yet finished. When I consider that she did it without an editor, whilst finishing grad school, I am not surprised in the least that she now has a historical fiction of her own published in e-format.

If you are at all a fan of Martin's universe, and don't mind (as he apparently does, sadly), the idea of good fanfic built within that universe; if you are afraid or convinced that GRRM will never ever complete his masterpiece and want some sort of quality conclusion; if you're willing to have your heart broken and thrilled at the same time by some fantastic writing (and, to be fair, if you're willing to understand that lack of a good editor - not a beta reader, but an editor - can trip up even the best writer), then go read this.

I'll read it later. Because right now what I really have to do is get three stories done before I switch off work-mode today. Then I can write, do some reading, watch the last episode of Defiance, and maybe see a couple more episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which BB and I have finally started watching.

But now? Work. Work, workity, work.

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