June 14th, 2014

o rly?, No gender

Dept. of Keep On Swimming

... And Do It With Style

Well, that's my way of saying that yes, I'm having my usual stressful life; yes, union stuff is crazy (Union Puppy pulled some amazing shit, of the Jesus, why am I not slapping your puling-infant-callow-assed self into next week variety); yes, that includes a week of hours of arbitration prep on frakkin' deadline day, followed by hours of actual arbitration testimony; yes, my workload continues to be insane, because we haven't yet triumphed over the 2.5 story per day mandate and yes, I'm not making it (2.1 and 2.4 per day appear to be my word-ceiling); yes, my body appears to be falling slowly into that less-than-gentle disrepair one occasionally sees in once-proud mansions (more than this deponent saith not, because TMI, yo)  ....

.... but ....

My son and his lovely beloved have found an affordable nest in which to land; my doctor (a little to my delighted surprise)  has given me good advice on how to deal with my back spasm - back X-ray, Robaxin, a referral to a physical therapist, and a directive to use a wheelie suitcase for my laptop et  al - rather than look at me and say, "Oh, that's too bad, tough it out;" I may be able to do a good thing for a friend, if I can figure out logistics; there were no clouds in the sky today; I did 35 miles of backstreet Chicago in my little Hyundai to be a Union Ninja and I was only half an hour late; I am having Date Night with the best Father In the Whole World tonight; and I have wine with supper and BAMs chillin' in the refrigerator.

So ... yeah ... hi, friends! I know many of you have had birthdays, or will soon, and I want to wish you all great natal anniversaries. I shall try to do that tomorrow. I'll also try to catch up with all of you, and comment, and generally get back into posting, and the society of lovely people with whom I like to interact online. 

More, anon? Yeah, we'll leave it at that, tonight.

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