January 18th, 2014


Dept. of Many Thanks

Final [community profile] fandom_stocking 

Life being as life is, I haven't gotten around until now to talking about all the lovely things people put in my stocking over on [community profile] fandom_stocking . Everything was wonderful, and brightened my days more than once.

Recs are the gifts that keep on giving: From [personal profile] bonnefois  I got some excellent recipe recommendations (I'm looking forward to trying out the vegetable soups, since I have a slow cooker.) [personal profile] fuzzyboo  took note of our mutual love of the Vorkosiverse and recommended [personal profile] shimotsuki 's "Theory and Practice" over on AO3. It's delicate and emotionally accurate and I'm glad I read it. [personal profile] sapphire2309  provided me with a trio of music recommendations (my first!)  I love one of them, I like another, and I'm looking forward to the third.

This year, I received a cornucopia of icons - [personal profile] thisisteal  responded to my love of Gaius Baltar and Six (and she managed to find nearly all the Sixes, which was especially wonderful), while [personal profile] ghanimasun  made me icons with the formidable Aeryn Sun with folks she loves; John and Pilot. [personal profile] angelus2hot  gifted me with more Farscape icons, paying special attention to one of my favorite twosomes, Chiana and D'Argo

[personal profile] tarlanx  took note of my Agents of SHIELD love, and made me an awesome wallpaper with Coulson and May. It's up on my computer screen right now.

[personal profile] sahiya  wrote me a story about the friendship between Neal and El that was sweet but not saccharine - just like el. If you like White Collar, or even if you don't, you should go over and read Tuesday.

eve11 not only gave me a holiday wish and comment that humbled me and warmed my heart, she provided me an elegant and heartfelt story, "With All Certainty", again about the Doctor, his life in the town called Christmas, and the TARDIS and priestess who cared for him during that time.

[personal profile] yamx  continued her award-winning stocking tradition of writing me DW/myth mashups with my favorite OT3, and this one was just a bit brilliant. It wouldn't be fandom_stocking without her work. You should enjoy it at my stocking.

[personal profile] clocketpatch  gave me a fic about the Doctor, "Softer Than Before", a missing scene from The Time of the Doctor. My eyes got suspiciously moist as I read this sensuously-written (in the truest sense) piece.

[personal profile] lost_spook  gave me a drabble about Ian and Barbara that explores the people they have become once they return to Earth; it's moving and memorable in only 100 words.

[personal profile] gala_apples  took note that I said I'd welcome stories that explore gender identity, and gave me a totally unexpected White Collar fic, Spend Your Whole Life Thinking This Way, that was an excellent example of how fanfic can push erotic envelopes and do "what if"s well.

Never underestimate the smiles that good wishes can generate. [personal profile] wendymypooh  provided some, as did [personal profile] twinsarein  and [personal profile] sjh2009  (and I really loved her picture of St. Nick and the reindeer taking a break at Kings College.) [personal profile] sharpest_asp  not only gave me good wishes, but provided a card good for one true drabble in a mutual fandom. Woo-hoo! Not only did [personal profile] leesa_perrie  wish me Happy Holidays with a lovely picture, she gave me a shaggy dog joke/pun  (and it happens to be one of BB's and my favorites, so that's a bonus.) And [personal profile] st_aurafina  made me smile with her kind and hug-filled wishes.

Thank you all!

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Coles Philips

Dept. of Secular Holidays

BAM Night

For those of you who might not have noticed, I'll let you in on a secret; I used to hate gin. God-awful stuff, I thought; taste like cheap perfume and doesn't smell much better. The fact that my first memorable encounter with alcohol was via some cheap lemon gin before a basketball game, as a ninth grade cheerleader. Bourbon was my drink of choice.

That all changed this year, whether by virtue of epiphany or changing metabolism I shall never know. Out of the blue, I decided I'd try a martini, and my one-time bartender beloved made me a fine, dry martini with good gin and good dry vermouth.

I was lost.

Thus was born Big Ass Martini Night. Once a week, either on Friday or Saturday, I make myself a very large martini with two huge olives in it. And that does me for the evening. One night a week seems to be sufficient, with occasional weeks where a BAM never materializes. Ah, but when it does ...

It occurred to me that, in this time of selfies and photos of people's food porn fantasies, one could present a picture of one such BAM, artfully displayed against the lava lamp one has (as one does), as an amusing illustration of one of my simple joys.

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Sapphire and Steel

Sapphire and Steel Fic: "Hearth and Soul"

Title: Hearth and Soul
Characters: Sapphire, Steel, Lead
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Rated: G
Words: 701
Edited by: Edited, as always, by my best friend, the most excellent [personal profile] buckaroobob , aka dr_whuh, with many thanks.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended; all characters the sole property of their respective creators.
Summary: "He fancies himself quite the icicle, our Steel. But he never comes out of these bouts happy."
Author's Notes: Written for [personal profile] kerravonsen , with affection, for the 2013 [community profile] fandom_stocking . What a pleasure it was to learn that you enjoy this odd and appealing show! I hope you enjoy a peek into the working relationship of three most intriguing individual. It can also be read here at A03.


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