August 19th, 2013

Reporting for duty

Dept. of Tired and Wired

Tomorrow Mom Comes Home for a Day; Today I Cornered a Doctor

So this morning, I attempted to do a small amount of laundry, figure out what the various frost covered lumps in her long-ignored freezer were, dust the area around her bed, figure out what I needed to get at the (completely inadequate) grocery store; it was eye-opening.  For the four months Mums been in hospital, her cleaning lady-cum-friend has been doing yeoman's duty in trying to keep Step-dad Rob fed and such. But it's four months of just one 87-year-old man living on his own and ... not being extremely good at it.

I finally extracted myself from the house by reminding myself that I am not here to clean the house, which she probably won't be in again permanently anyhow, but to be with her. I was there to help explain (again) the legal papers transferring power of attorney to Mac. And we just spent a lot of time hugging each other.

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