March 15th, 2013


Dept. of Oh Dear

Once Upon A Time

Hmmm. Four episodes in thanks to my son's Netflix account. I'm not sure ... the comedy is good, and watching it from the beginning  - as opposed to having dropped in on one episode back during its first season and having been disappointed by the cheesiness of the "fairytale" section of the story, and the incredible blandness of a couple of the lead fairytale characters - may make me more interested in those characters.

The Emma character is good so far. The Queen/Mayor is really rather hard to take, because if she's supposed to be impressing me as either delightfully and two-dimensionally villainous, or three-dimensionally and therefore fascinatingly villainous, she's failing miserably. On the other hand, the woman playing Mary Margaret/Snow White is less boring than she struck me on that first abortive watch and seems actually somewhat less than cardboard. James, or Charming, or whoever he is, is - marginally - less uninteresting on second watch.

And if I take the cheesiness of the fairy tale world and look at it as an artistic, or thematic, or meta choice on the part of the showrunners, I suppose I could run with it.

And it is only four episodes in.

But I'm not altogether sure. So far, the fics and vids have shown far more quality than the source material.*

*The exception is, of course Robert Carlyle. So far, he and the woman playing Emma appear to me to be the strongest actors, and the only ones really holding my attention. Certainly, Carlyle's the only one who can chew scenery and still retain my respect.

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