June 11th, 2012

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Dept. of Do I Need A New Fandom?

So. The Avengers.

Tomorrow is my first day back from vacation, and I know the week is going to be a bear (not as much of a bear as it would have been, had certain folk at work gone above and beyond to make sure I get paid this Friday despite forgetting to put in my time card when I got back from Canada, which is another story). I plan to celebrate making it to this coming Friday by going back to see The Avengers in a movie theater.

Because, oh my goodness, I like that movie!

There were so many reasons I loved it, not the least of which were:

Natasha! Ms Romanov was smart, scared, brave, dangerous, human, cunning, caring, ruthless, and as far as I'm concerned, the most-rounded member of the team and of the cast. I understand that there's a lot of Scarlett Johansson dislike out there. I do not share it. I also know there are folks who are ambivalent about how Joss Whedon views or writes females. I can't speak to that because I know him largely from Firefly, Dr. Horrible and some of the early Buffy - not nearly enough by which to judge. But at least in terms of how he and  fellow writer Zak Penn handled the Black Widow, I'd have to say he did an outstanding job.

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The dialogue was just as fast, intelligent, and witty as others have reported it. The pacing worked well. And the story made more sense than it had a right to, although I'm willing to bet that my comic book sensibilities helped make it so.

And yes, after I saw it the first time, I told BB that I could see myself writing fic for the Avengers. It's the first time I've ever been interested in writing outside of the Whoniverse (with the exception of one June-centric White Collar idea). I probably won't, but obviously there's something in the movie - the relationships, the team-building - that pushed a button. So I've been reading some other people's Avengers fic, mostly via recs from[personal profile] selenak ; so far, I'm looking for especially liking Natasha and Clint oriented stories, but there are a lot of good stories focusing on the other characters as well.

So, yeah, I'm going to see it again. And I'm going to try very hard - very hard - not to get tangled up in another fandom. I really don't need it.

P.S. Two Avengers recs of my own: we were emergencies by [personal profile] gyzym  is subtle, dense, emotionally draining, and made me believe whole-heartedly in Clint and Natasha as people, friends, lovers and dysfunctionally awesome heroes. It's also extraordinarily erotic; explicit, but totally integrated and necessary to the story. Wardrobe Malfunction, or, Passing the Bok, by[personal profile] spiderine  (here on lj and here on dw) made me laugh because it's a pointy little stick, wielded with wit by the author and poked in the eye of female-diminutive marketing.
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