June 10th, 2012

TARDIS at Giverny

Dept. of Nataldalia

Birthdays Past, Present and Future

Once again, I've fallen behind on wishing people luck, happiness and wonderful adventure for the coming year on their birthdays. Let me remedy that, if I may.

[personal profile] peoppenheimer advanced a year way back on May 22. I hope that the weeks since then have been as good, or better, than any celebration you held at that time. It's a pleasure to have met you, here on Teh Intarwebz.

madlori celebrated her birthday on May 23. Best wishes to an adventuresome hiker (adventuresome in general, actually) and a fine, fine fiction writer.

[personal profile] sallymn is also another May baby; she celebrated her birthday May 24. Her cheerful personality is matched by her wonderful icon-making and fiction-writing skills (and we share a similar love of large and useful handbags.)

[personal profile] lydy , a lovely lady of my acquaintance, was born on the very same day, May 24. I hope your natal day was splendid, and that work, kitties, books, and continued health of all types continue to blend in a fine balance.

acidpenguin46 doesn't post often, but when she does, I always enjoy it. Many delayed happy returns of the day, which was May 30.

belsum, a long time Intrawebz colleague from TWoP days, who I have had the distinct pleasure of hosting in my home, celebrated on May 31. I hope you did so in fine fashion. May the coming year be amazing, in all the good ways, for you!

[personal profile] livii marked her birthday yesterday, on June 9. I hope it was as spectacular, or as quiet, as your heart desired. I look forward to seeing your posts this year, and reading some new fiction, as your newly-increased family allows. Happy Birthday!

[personal profile] time_converges becomes a year more awesome tomorrow, on June 11. Have a marvelous birthday, to the most gifted Doctor/Donna and Doctordonna/Doctor writer I know (regardless of how that last description rather made my head spin. Heh.)

[personal profile] dark_aegis , one of the first fanfic writers I had the pleasure of reading, and one of the first online members of Who fandom I had the pleasure of "meeting" on screen, has a June 12 birthday. Many pending happy returns!

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