May 28th, 2012


Dept. of Last Minute Jitters

Operation Surprise The Hell Out of Mom Is a Go

Repeat, we are go for the True North.

Tomorrow morning at 8:15 a.m. we head for the airport. I, of course, am a mess, because that's how I roll when it comes to travel. I love it, once I'm on the way. The hours leading up to it? The night before? Not so much.

Also, I've been dealing with severe separation anxiety for the past 48 hours. From the cats. The cats, FFS. (But they've never been left alone before, the little voice mutters, gleefully anthropormorphizing animals with brains the size of walnuts and no inherent ethical barriers to eating me if there was no other food in the house, and I couldn't move fast enough, nothing personal, you understand ... But it's Alex! And Opie! And Phil! And they're going to be lonely, and wonder where we are! No, damnit. Walnut brains, amoral carnivores! No, they're not! They're fluffy warm friends! Oh, I'm such a bad human!)

Yeah. Like that.

Luckily, Bob is around to keep me calm. (I almost said grounded, but that's such an unfortunate word to use in connection with air travel.) And my beloved First Born will be taking care of the cats on a daily basis, and since he's lived with them and loves them, he'll also be petting them like crazy. So, my advice to myself?

Calm the frak down.

We should remain fairly connected over the trip. Taking the laptop and the phone, so I hope to post regular updates.

Wish us luck!

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