January 13th, 2012


Dept. of Many, Many Thanks

I Had a Stocking, and It Got Filled

(And I filled a few myself)

What with me being a complete Mr. Grumpy Face over the last couple of days, I completely forgot (as grumpy faces will) about all the things that also made me smile over the past few days.

Chief among them were the wonderful fandom_stocking presents got from lovely people. If you haven't seen some of them them pop up elsewhere, drop over and enjoy them at the stocking.

I got a Santa-hat Kitteh holiday wish from [personal profile] chokolattejedi, another equally lovely greeting from [personal profile] noveltea , and yet more from [personal profile] ariestess, plus a lovely sparkly New Year's wish from [personal profile] twinsarein . Thank you all!

[personal profile] livii dropped by and brightened my day with her good wishes, as did canaana and [personal profile] ladymercury_10 , (who did so with a wonderful GIF of Amy/Karen and a be-fezzed Eleven/Matt.)

[personal profile] kerravonsen noticed that I love the Vorkosiverse and induced massive squeeage by making and giving me an icon of Miles and Ekaterin — the icon I've used for this post, as a matter of fact!

[personal profile] joking gifted me with hours of reading and viewing pleasure, with a rec list of TARDIS-related stories and more. Boy, does she know me well ... and the very kind [personal profile] dunderklumpen indulged my Criminal Minds habit with links to some great CM pic spams - woo-hoo!

wendymr provided me with a wonderful drabble in which the TARDIS shows her love for Jack; [personal profile] yamxrevealed the real proximate cause of the fall of Troy, complete with horse *snrk*; the wonderful [personal profile] dameruth and the gifted lyricwrites presented me with wonderful Jenny/Vastra stories; [personal profile] st_aurafina wrote me a sly and witty OT3-with-added-Awesome Donna that made me grin very widely; and the lovely [personal profile] sahiya wrote me a story in which the Doctor and River brought me to tears, in a good way.

Thank you, one and all!

(I enjoyed the other end of the stocking by providing stories of various lengths to cantarina1, [personal profile] sahiya, [personal profile] livii , [personal profile] canaan, [personal profile] yamx , othermewriter, [personal profile] joking, exiled_mind, and wendymr. Thank you all for allowing me to stuff your stockings! I'll be posting those stories up here and elsewhere (Teaspoon and AO3) over the next little while.)

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TARDIS at Giverny

DW Fic: Dream Weaver

Story: Dream Weaver
[personal profile] kaffyr
Characters: Eleventh Doctor/River Song/the TARDIS
Rated: PG
Word count: 343
Edited by: un-edited. All mistakes are mine.
The Doctor dreams. River dreams. The TARDIS dreams.
Author's Notes: written for exiled_mind for fandom_stocking 2011
Disclaimer: As much as I wish it were otherwise, no Whoniverse characters are mine. They are the sole properties of the BBC and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement, and take no coin. I do, however, love them all, and thank the BBC for letting me play (and create the occasional original character) in their sandbox.


The Doctor dreams.

He walks through corridors of stone, and wood, metal and glass, and knows he is home, but something is missing. No, he realizes, that's not it; someone is missing. But how can that be, when the echoes of all his beloved companions accompany him? He listens, and hears Her whisper the truth. Even in sleep, it hurts. He looks about himself and asks Her for directions.

River dreams.

She sleeps well in The Library, and sometimes thinks she could navigate sleep as she once navigated time and space. And — unexpected blessing — her sleeping memories are both unfractured and free of nightmares. Adventure, beloved friends and children fill her days when she is awake, but sleep promises a path to her heart's delight and she still needs that.

The TARDIS dreams, and walks through time and space as She does.

She defies Her own beginnings, rising above and beyond them with Her Thief, changing to become something unimaginable to those who had a hand in creating Her.

They would, if they could see Her now, declare her an abomination. And no wonder. She rejects order, embraces chaos, and dwarfs the power they thought they had controlled in Her. She is beyond them now, and it is because of Her Thief — something that would enrage, but not surprise them.

There is nothing She would not do for him or dare for him; no place She would not go for him.

In fact, there is no place She cannot go. She could, if She chose — if She thought it was right for him — search for the Great Matrix itself and care not one whit that there are nothing but echoes where it once existed.

And She might find it, so powerful is Her reach.

What small thing, then, to seek out a pathway to the computer with the heart of a child? Especially when it holds Her own child?

The Doctor dreams. River dreams.

The TARDIS will bring their dreams together.
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