September 20th, 2011

Bennie's Tights

Dept. of High Camp Fashion

Because Jae is Awesomesauce

A few weeks ago, I was chatting online with my delightful New York friend
lyricalviolet. Talk got around to tee-shirts as these things do, and SciFi SyFy and, eventually, to SyFy SciFi tee-shirts - again, as these things do. And it turned out that she was able to show me, again online, a Sharktopus* tee-shirt. Well! I made sounds of yearning because - Sharktopus!!! - little thinking that my idle yearning might be satisfied.

lyricalviolet, however, is, as I believe I have mentioned, awesomesauce. And less than two weeks later, my very own Sharktopus tee-shirt arrived by UPS.

All my munificent friend asked in return was that I post a picture of myself, wearing said Sharktopus tee, and it's my extreme pleasure to do so now.  (Also, note the hat - that's my birthday hat from BB, because he, too, is awesomesauce, as I believe I have, upon previous occasions, mentioned.)

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*What, you don't know Sharktopus? It's almost the zenith of SciFi SyFy Skiffy's cheesealicious movie-making art, perhaps coming near to the glory that was Mansquito. And it may be better than Mansquito, because it has Eric Roberts in it. The Master! The Master who stole Dr. Strange's wardrobe and did awful things to Paul McGann! What could possibly be better than Eric Roberts in a movie about a combination shark and octopus? Answer? I don't know because there's no way in hell I'd watch this mess, but I will treasure  it because ... shark! Octopus! Eric Roberts!