September 18th, 2011

Buster thinks

Dept. of This and That

Things I Need To Do
  1. Clean the keyboard. There's ... jam? on the semi-colon key. Eww. Gotta watch my breakfast surfing, obviously.
  2. Head on over to elisi's salon and read her last two or three DW metas. They're always toothsome, thought-provoking and generally rewarding. My head just hasn't been warmed up enough.
  3. Then drop in over at promethia_tenk's place. Because one can never get enough of top quality commentary. Then be on the lookout for more good commentary, because I've got a very perspicacious friend's list when it comes to DW.
  4. Finish a story for work, even though I'm on vacation, because time just got away from me, and it's really just a 20 minute job, and my boss needs it, even though he doesn't know that just yet, and writing the thing should get my poor, weak brain up and running a bit. Right?
  5. Feel good about my hair cut (yeeessssss!) Then wonder just who it is looking back at me in the mirror, because I never, ever thought I'd say something like "my hair's getting too long." Me of the near-waist-length hair used to look at women with my current length of hair and wonder why they ever felt they had to cut it shorter.
  6. Bake the chocolate cake that's been tapping me on the shoulder, conceptually speaking, for about a week. Then make the pasta salad. And then make the mashed potatoes and fish sticks that my beloved has had a faunch for.
  7. Write my own reaction post to The Girl Who Waited, of which I think a great deal. Possibly the best constructed and acted episode in the latter half of the season, for one thing.
  8. Tackle The God Complex and try to control my irritation while doing so. I suspect I'm irritated at it in much the same way I used to get irritated at my First Born when he didn't live up to my expectations. Which speaks less of him/it than it does of me, I suppose.
  9. Drink my tea before it gets cold.
  10. Try to get a few more paragraphs done on a fic I've been working on for a couple of months now.
  11. Get back to Hearts and Moons, fer chrissake!