May 8th, 2011

OT3 Two

Dept. of Doctor Who Piratey (Arrr!) Sweetness; "Curse of the Black Spot" Thoughts

Here There be No Dragons. You Will Be Saved.

After seeing a lot of the headers and hints of commentary about "Curse of the Black Spot," I was fully expecting to consider the entire thing lame, perhaps even "Victory of the Daleks" lame (although I was pretty certain we weren't going to have a replay of "Spaaaace Whaaaale!!!/Beast Below" lame.)

I'm really pleased to say - whilst being fully aware that this may say more about me than about the episode - that I found it sweet, and worth my time. Maybe just barely, and maybe the sweetness was almost too much, and, yes, the nutritional value was next to nil, but worth my time. And the show team is, of course, awaiting my judgment with steno pads in hand. Ahem.

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