July 7th, 2010

Good Day for Writing

Hot, Sweaty, Accomplished

On Balance? Not Bad
The last couple of days have been miserably hot and humid here in Chicago. Going out to get some needed groceries (and anti-flea drops, more of which later) yesterday left me overheated and nauseated yesterday afternoon. Today didn't start all that well, either. But by the end of the day, I had:
  • Battled through my own swamp-like writer's block to complete a long overdue feature - and even added a sidebar story for it. I definitely managed to rock the non-fictional keyboard, yup;
  • Set up the carpet cleaner to come and give us an estimate tomorrow. Tomorrow!!!
  • Next, BB and I managed to get that flea medication onto Opie - who I code-named "Peaches" for some reason known only to god during the several days we schemed to head him off at the pass and put the crap on his neck - without horrible injuries to the humans or lasting trauma to the preternaturally suspicious and skittish feline Opie. Bingo! the last of our cats has been successfully treated (Alex and Phil are laid back about treatment, almost to the point of coma. So of course the third cat? Isn't.) Now we get to look forward to this kind of warfare once a month for the foreseeable future. I am so excited;
  • Finally? I got another two or so paragraphs on Chapter 13. Yeah, I know. But believe me, I'm cherishing every hard-won syllable. And I finally - finally - figured out how to get Rose and her companion out of where they are. I am inordinately pleased with myself;
  • Oops, almost forgot to mention that I also managed to remember to get my car's state vehicle license, and its city license. Go. Me.
Oh, hell. It's not the 6th of July anymore. Damn.