April 19th, 2010

TARDIS at Giverny

Dr. Who: Moffatt and Davies (1/?)

Steven and Russell and How to Make Jewelry

There are two necklaces on the table before you. The first is the one that catches your eye. It's an intricate piece, with chased silver worked into cunning frames for colorful faceted gemstones, gorgeous things that refract and reflect all the available light. The strand holding this confection together is so delicate that it almost seems to disappear when held against that light. You turn your eyes to the other necklace. It is less appealing; several pewter ovals with serviceable engravings of nice images, perhaps flowers or birds, together on a sturdy chain with a solid clasp.

You pick up the first, and the chain breaks. The lovely chased silver settings hit the floor, and you discover their stones were loose to begin with. They are dashed free of the metal and, when some of them shatter against the floor you realize they weren't really stones, at least not all of them. Some were just glass. You sigh, and pick up the pewter necklace, put it around your neck, and are grateful for the sturdy chain and strong clasp, and the pewter? Well, it grows warm against your skin, and the dull gleam of it is somehow homey. It'll do.

Which would you have? The cleverly-made one that falls apart and may not be quite as cleverly-made as you thought at first? Or the sturdy pewter piece that isn't artistry at all, just adequate craft, but which holds together, which will do while you search for something truly beautiful? (Because after all, neither one is really right, eh?)

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Tosh and Gun


Shoot. Me. Now.

No, really.

At least a sleeping draught dart.

kaffy_r , reporting from Grass Roots Hell.

thank you for allowing this whinge.

Oh, and if I had won a lottery in the moments before I opened this to post? I would have said ever so much more, because I would then be free to take leave of my career.