April 11th, 2010


Dept. of Victory Is Mine!

Baking and Re-Potting and Ticking Things Off Lists

In this world there are two kinds of people; those who write lists, and those who don't.* I'm a list-writing kind of gal. I cannot, however,  tell you how long it has been since I put together a list, and completed everything on it in one day. Today?

*We pause here briefly, while she does a dance of hubristic glee*

Dirty shower curtain cover cleaned? Check.
Bread baked? Check.
Mom talked to? Check, (and a lovely chat it was; she's regained a lot of her sight with recent surgery, and it's brightened her mood considerably.)
Brother talked to? Unexpected, but lovely, and ... Check.
Laundry done? Check.
Plants - poor, off-balance, pot-bound, plants - re-potted and cared for as I should have done Too Damned Long Ago? Check! Yessssss!!!!!
And one last thing ... writing. Getting more done on my last help_haiti fic.
Well, a few more sentences, at least. That's got to count for something, right? And I'm going to be writing more before I go to bed. So, it's good, I think. 

So, I'm going to call this day a success.

*Actually, that's such a stupid trope, but I'm too lazy, at the end of a busy day, to think of a better opening line.