August 23rd, 2009

Bennie's Tights


     Visit to Canada, Plant-Dad-Meet-the Family Expedition version, Day One.
     It's 6:30 a.m. and I still must finish packing, because I have never, ever headed out on a big trip completely packed on lift-off day.  Last night's discovery that I couldn't get into our storage cage downstairs, to get my luggage (long story involving First Born, and basement/storage cage keys several miles away untl three hours after my plane lifts elided) ... well, I think the last minute rush got more intense.
     This morning, gifted with some loaner luggage, I'm ready to be off by 8 a.m. More to follow, one hopes.



Here I am in TO, awaiting my flight to Ottawa and posting via the phone, since it seems my laptop still refuses to connect with the Intarwebs - it'll connect with the airport ounge but no further. Here's hoping there will be a computer whiz amongst my as-yet unknown relatives. Frakkin' computers ... Oh and my brand new copy of "Stardust" is missing 20 plus pages. *grump* But hey, I'm in Canada!