July 22nd, 2009

TARDIS at Giverny

natal excellence

Happy Birthday britgeekgrrl !
     When I first entered the wilds of lj, it was to help launch a particular television-related campaign. During that effort, the team I was on tried to reach out to lj folks who we thought would be sympathetic to our mission; britgeekgrrl  responded, and I am glad she did. While very few of us can claim to "know" people we have only met on Teh Intarwebs, I can still say with confidence that she is creative, determined, witty, fashionable, brave, loving and a fan of only the finest in niche subculture television.
     Happy birthday to you - may this year be far, far easier than the previous year. May you and yours make the move easily; may pain and penury dissipate well before the year is out!