June 27th, 2009


Fanfic: Doctor Who

Title: Gossamer
Characters: Nine/Jack/Rose Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nothing is so grand that it can't be fragile, too.
Edited: The remarkable dr_whuh 
Author's Note: This was written for the remarkable
[info]cathica , who provided me (a surprisingly long time ago, I now realize) the one-word prompt "gossamer" as a dam-buster for one of my not-infrequent cases of writer's block. I write far too slowly, but eventually this meditation on eternity's foibles fought its way past the first few paragraphs. The thing holds at least a temporary title as the story of mine with the most whiplash-inducing series of emotional hairpin turns in the smallest number of lines. As always, I do not own these beloved characters. As if I could ... they are the property of the BBC, which graciously closes its all-seeing corporate eyes and lets me pass into the Whoniverse to play.

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