May 16th, 2009


natal attractions

Felicitations to a Former Rassafarian*
      Happy birthday to akirlu , an extremely bright and witty woman I first met years ago on the Usenet group rec.arts.sf.fandom. (Dear lord, it really is years ago now; back in the middle 1990s. Ack. But I digress ....)
     During that group's salad days, I became happily acquainted with her sharp intelligence and somewhat frighteningly broad span of knowledge. She was a bright light in the community, and someone who heightened the level of discourse whenever she joined a conversation.
     Years passed, RASSF changed, I drifted away, but still, from time to time, thought about and appreciated some of the notable intellects I'd enjoyed within the group She was one of them.
     Just a few days ago, the redoubtable apostle_of_eris ,
pointed me to a link on tartan. It led me to akirlu, and what a joy it was to realize that this was my esteemed acquaintance from Usenet. So I'm delighted to offer you birthday wishes; may today be everything you want it to be, and may the rest of the year be simply magnificent.

*The first "a" is there to facilitate the word's ease of pronunciation, given the lack of mellifluosity that Rassfarian would represent. Rassfarite? That does have a satisfyingly skiffictional ring to it, I suppose.