April 22nd, 2009

Fanfic - Karaoke

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Whoniversal Quality

     Recently I decided to look over the list of Doctor Who fan fiction I liked, with an eye to nominating some of my quality favorites over at the Children of Time Awards' third round. I admit I've avoided doing that in the first two rounds, or even voting on finalists - not because the nominees weren't fantastic, because many of them were - but because there was, to put it mildly, a plethora, a veritable cornucopia, of nominees. And I am, somewhat oddly for a person who loves the Internet, easily overwhelmed by Too. Many. Choices.
     Still, as I say, I had determined that I would do this, because a number of folks on my flist were urging folks to do so, some had done yeoman's work on the awards or knew folks who were doing such work, some were doing service above and beyond by reviewing nominees (and that, in and of itself, is amazing), some had been nominated, and all deserved my attention.
     And then I got word that Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region had been nominated.
     Uh ....
     Now I really, truly, madly and deeply will be nominating. I have, I think, 48 hours left to do so, and I shall be doing it. (You, my fannish friends, have undoubtedly already beaten me to this particular punch.)