October 4th, 2008


Message in a Battle

Enfranchise, Baby, Enfranchise
     I've said on numerous occasions - here, there, and everywhere - that people who diss the power of the vote are ... less than accurate.
     Come along two weeks from now, and I'll probably take my now-traditional Vote! It's The Right Thing To Do, You Dolt! rant down from the shelf, dust it off, and hang it out to remind and/or annoy people of my views on the issue. Because, as we all know, my views have the power to enthrall and convince.  (And I only use my powers For Good, little buddies.)
     For now, though, I'm pointing people to a couple of Internet sites.
First things first: I'm aware that both sites are putatively geared towards the under 25 demographic. That's all to the good, because all you young folk? Y'all occasionally need reminding. (And, while I'm ever-so-slightly chary of the overall cool factor one clip's participants might have in the eyes of my youthful brethren, I imagine it's there in enough quantity to be effective.)
     That having been said, I think Old People, like unto myself, need reminding. A whole damned lot, you betcha. If you're irritated with the bright colors and the demographic marketing tilt? Don't be.

     Others of you out there have remarkable abilities to address the issues in various races (the American Presidential currently being the one foremost in many folks' minds.) I retain for myself only the one simple call - Vote. Then Hold Their Feet to the Fire.
     So go you now, to listen here, then hie you to this here other place, if you haven't yet made preparation to cast your ballot.  (Register, you fool, register! Fly like the wind!!) 
(By the way  - registering to vote? Do it. Or I will hunt you down and eat your head. Don't even ask what I'll do if you don't vote.)
     P.S. This also applies to my Canadian friends. You're voting in, what, 11 days? If the registration system is different, fine. But vote.