September 27th, 2008



(What? When? Where? How?)
Alright, I'll admit it. I love Doctor Who, but with the love of a passionate, yet niche-illiterate, cult urchin.
Perhaps better to say that I'm barely functionally literate in the world of Who, because:
  1. I saw One in his first run on the CBC back in 1963 or 1964, whichever year the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. bought broadcast rights from the BBC, and loved him then;
  2. I watched, and loved, Three, Four, Five and about four episodes of Seven during the 1980s, after 15-20 years of Absence O' Who from my brain, during their erratic and out-of-order run on Chicago PBS station WTTW;
  3. I rather liked Eight, and therefore didn't feel nearly as awful about the rest of the movie as I should have;
  4. I fell in love with Nine when I first saw him on Skiffy and plunged back into the Whoniverse after 15 years or so of absence;
  5. I fell in love with Rose, and Sarah Jane (who I remembered from 2), not to mention Jack and Gwen and Owen and Martha and Tosh and Mickey and Jackie and Pete, and Donna (Donna!) and discovered fanfic, and was a quick study whenever I found items about canon, and fanon, etc. ad nauseum., and read those editions of Dr. Who Magazine that kindly Intarweb friends from Britain were willing to send me, and read four (count 'em! four!) books, including a Benny Summerfield book that made me love her, too.
     Today I can name most of the Companions, from One on (I think); I know who the Valeyard is, I know about regeneration canon, and the names of the actors who played the Master, and know where Romana II high-tailed off to (and how high she got up in Gallifreyan politics before, you know, BANG!), I know which adventures killed damn near everyone off, know how Adric died, know what Kameleon was, and can answer a lot of general questions about the Whoniverse from people who don't know much about it.
     But really, that's not nearly enough, now, is it?
     Here's the deal; until now, I've not searched all that much for Whobilia, despite suspecting that Chicago offers me relatively easy access to at least some of it. Part of that has, to be fair, been a money thing; when buying one set of DVD adventures of Four at Borders can set you back $35 or so, and you're looking for ways to keep the house, well then, the DVDs go on the back burner. Or in the back of the fridge, to be brutally honest.
     Now, however, I may have the wherewithal to occasionally treat myself to some of the original adventures, plus books, etc.
     The small and occasional nature of that wherewithal, however, mandates careful choices.
     So: I'm accepting suggestions from all my Who friends. If you had my level of Whoniversal illiteracy, and my pocketbook, what would you consider essential? I'll take every suggestion - I need every suggestion.


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