September 26th, 2008



My Icon Lies
     I'm actually glad the presidential candidates said words. I'm extremely glad that the debate was - relatively - more like a real debate than the excuses for same that have cluttered the electoral road over the past 20 years. Mind you, Jim Lehrer occasionally radiated frustration at both candidates' apparent infacility (that really should be a word) with the idea of direct contact with each other. They became more comfortable with it as the evening went on. I'm confident that if we keep forcing our political candidates to engage on the campaign trail, that good things will, eventually, obtain.
     Watching it on CSpan also cut the amount of spin I had to watch before or after. Actually, shutting the telly off immediately after was the best anti-spin machete available, and I did employ the tactic. But CSpan still gets my vote.
     I'm also pleased with myself. In order to keep from screaming at the television screen - an all-too-common occurrence during broadcast political events here at CasaKaffyr - I sat in front of this here laptop and took notes, as close to verbatim as I could. Of course, with only 90-100 wpm speed (without accuracy; I tend to drop to about 75-80 wpm with accuracy), I knew that what I'd get would be far from perfect. That wasn't the point; as long as I was focusing on the words, I was paying attention to what they said, but not to the point of emotional implosion. I was also too busy to scream and generally get my blood pressure up or my knickers in a twist. My scheme - elegant in its simplicity - worked!  I'll try it with the VP debate now, since I predict my "scream at the screen" reactions could escalate to "throw cats at the screen" reactions. Not good for the screens, or the cats, I suspect.