July 23rd, 2008


darts, panels, hems and haws

Clothes Make the (Wo)Man, Would-be Designers Make The Clothes
    Yeah, it's Season 5 of Project Runway, and I'm deciding whether I'm going to be its bitch, the way I've been its bitch in previous years. I'm ambivalent, which rather disappoints me.
    Some things haven't changed. General episode guide and fashion mentor Tim Gunn owns that tiny piece of my soul that's sartorially inclined, because he's cultured, and kind, and intelligent. He cares for the quality of the show, and the education of the young, and not-so-young, designers. That's all there. But there's a catch. In previous seasons, Tim has immediately given off an "I like some, or all of these contestants" vibe. Even if one learns later that he didn't like this one or that one, it's much later, and couched in extremely polite terms. When I watched the first episode last week? I got a distinct "Dear God, these people are tiresome" vibe from Tim. That is not good.
    Also, the talent of the designers has been almost immediately apparent in previous seasons; at least a few have immediately stood out for me. Didn't happen last week.
    Last week, far too many people were mouthing sports-guy and reality-show type phrases heretofore eschewed by designer contenders on the show, and at least one spoke of himself in the third person (not a good thing to do when one's name is, apparently, "Suede"), whilst another came from the land of the overly-tanned, wore a stunningly awful knit cap over his ears, and used the word (and I use the word "word" advisedly) "girlicious."
    Ah well, I'll give S5 another chance tonight.