May 24th, 2008


worry, worry, worry

Bubble, Boil, Trouble

Others I know have said it before, and with righteous anger (hi, madtruk , you're too right, mate) and with better serious thought, but lately it's been on my mind, too. So...

I'm afraid the monster chickens - with fangs, and a taste for the flesh of human civilizations - may be coming home to roost when it comes to the fluid that keeps the damned world running. I've seen the price of gas go up more than $2 in two months here in Chicago, to $4.17 for low-grade (that's the lowest I could find for low-grade on the north side, and I understand high grade has gone up to $4.50 in the center of the city) and I realized in my bones that it isn't going to get better.

(A word to folks who've had to pay outrageously high prices for gas - in Canada, in Britain and Europe - for years; I'm aware that we've been kept afloat in the past by unrealistic price subsidies. I know you guys have had it worse for a long time. I have a mom in Nova Scotia, and I hear about it from her, not to mention what I read about in news reports. But the jump is tremendously steep in the time it's happened. And, frankly, I'm afraid you folks are also going to get yet another gas gut-shot as your prices go up even further.)

In short, the long-awaited, long denied (as in "la-la-la-we're-going-to-put-our-fingers-in-our-ears-and-pretend-China's'-not-drinking-oil-faster-than-us-now" denial) fossil fuel singularity is upon us.

Philosophically-fueled and societally-generated general terror aside, it has personal repercussions. I'm going to have to change the way I've become used to living my life, as a car-happy North American. Folks in the newsroom have been talking about it all week: how we can maybe cut out a day of driving to work and work from home, maybe bike when our aging bodies will allow the nine-plus mile one way drive. (Hey, we're all ancient.) Which days we need the cars to cover meetings, or go to the cops, or have interviews....on the home front, BB and I have already decided to no longer make separate grocery runs. I'll do all the grocery shopping on my way to and from work....

*trembles a bit, in fear and awe that she's living when the world changes*

But enough about my eyes. How's every little thing with y'all?

Oh, and welcome to the Memorial Day weekend, for all of us who are in the U.S., and happy weekend after Victoria Day weekend for the Canucks, and uhm...happy Eurovision Weekend for everyone on the right side of the Atlantic. Has it been wonderful? Has it been memorable? Has it worn crazy clothes in unfortunate colors? Has it been of dubious taste, and slightly off-key? Has it been a turkey vulture yet?