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Dept. of This and That

So. Thursday.

Day Two of my "Try to be productive in the hind end of the week" effort. I'm almost certain I may get something done that looks like work, but I'm afraid to say that too loudly, else the schedule imps will hear and totally screw with both my schedule and my head.

On the agenda today; down to feed carnyjack's kitties, back home to call three folks I'd like to contact for a story, then writing that story (whether or not I reach the people in question. I have the necessary information, I just wanted a little extra insight on it, and that's not completely necessary. Getting the story done is.)

We've been able to have the windows open for the last day and a half, which means we've entered the glorious four week period of fall during which it's actually accurate to say we're living in a temperate climate. The light wind that's been blowing more or less constantly since yesterday is also soothing.

Now if I could only figure out what's gone snafu with the area around my lower left rib. I know it's not cracked, because that would be a bazillion times more painful. And the pain disappeared for one day before coming back yesterday, which speaks to me more of some overworked muscle. Whatever it is, it makes it a little painful to wear a bra and more painful to move around, in bed or out of it, than I've gotten used to.

We will not have to go for xrays. We will not have to go for xrays. We will not have to go for xrays. I have said it three times, and therefore it is true.

And now, kittehz.

ETA: Kittehz are on hold, because I"ve just gotten an unexpected and completely delightful call from my brother. He's happy because he's going back into uniform. Much as I thought he'd made good by getting into his investigatory job (human trafficking/immigration/passports) he's been wanting to get back onto beat work. He's the ultimnate beat cop ... he knows everyone, and cares about them. He'll be working at Halifax International Airport, and it's good to hear the excitement back in his voice.
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