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Dept. of This and That

Meandering Monday

or: Several Things Make Some Sort of Post. Probably

  • First off, I'm not certain I like the new rich text set up,  For one thing, it doesn't seem to want to put bullets where I want them to go, without a lot of foofaraw. For another, it doesn't seem to have the indent feature which I occasionally enjoyed. Still, I can't be certain that my wariness may not simply be my "we fear change" reaction to anything.

  • Secondly, and of far more import chez Casakaffyr, the incredible BB has successfully swapped out the motherboard on his desktop. There are a few things left to do, but he did it! That has allowed him to return to the computer he obviously missed (he's not a fan of my laptop screen, and of course, his 'puter has a more bells and whistles, moulded to his particular tastes. I'm particularly proud of him, because he had confessed to a few qualms before embarking on the job. As he put it, he's become proficient with fiddling around software, but this was his first major hardware task. He approached it as he does everything he deems to be a challenge: a lot of research, study and prep work and — voila! — success!!! He really is brilliant, you know.

  • I love living in the future; I got to watch the Hugo Awards ceremony online last night, and cheer for rarelylynne and her co-conspirator taraoshea as they won the Best Hugo for a Related Work for "Chicks Dig Time Lords" - w00t!!1! If you haven't had a chance to read this very neat Whoish omnibus, find it; there will definitely be something in there for you to enjoy! And as for the ceremony, I was tickled to be able to watch everything (especially the inimitable Robert Silverberg as the wittiest. presenter. ever.) It's the first time I've been able to attend the Hugo ceremony since 1979, in Brighton. Ah, the days of my vanished fannish youth ....

  • (Yeah, the bullet function sucks now. Officially. But it is just a little thing.

  • And finally, I've just started listening to this band, Tinariwen, thanks to YouTube featuring them (see? YouTube can be more than puppies in tutus and the single worst generator of trollish comments on Teh Intarwebz. Seriously. I've started breaking out in hives when I read most of the comment streams for anything except fanvids.)  Tinariwen is hypnotic, evocative, and really good. This is apparently off their new album, and I love it. If you like things in minor keys, or modal stuff, you might like it, too.

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