kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of Sometimes My Brain Won't *Start* When It Should

... or "'It's Never Easy,' said the Little Live Journaler"

Just to let everyone know, my brane is still still. As it were. But we're getting there, we really are, and all the poll input helped. Especially the votes by the Russian site spammer. Marvelous insight, that. *snerk* And we - the Royal We for now, although yes, K, dr_whuh  enters into things, too, and he assures you that he's alive, (and charming) if not absolutely well - may soon be lurching back to life.

The brain (woo! It's spelled correctly this time! She must be climbing the evolutionary ladder back into "Articulate Sapient" from "Linoleum"! Hope springs eternal!) always seems to lurch at the wrong time, however. Right now, for example, when the only lurching I should actually do is bedward.

Still, it's a start.

ETA: Just had to recommend a wonderful fic, "The Curious Case of the Monster of the Thames" that I'm just dipping into now, byfuntimevash . It features Eleven, Jack, Madame Vastra, Jenny, Fitz (!) and it's 19th century adventure, believable relationships (and by "ship," I mean friendship both romantic and platonic, the trust and affection of adults who enjoy spending time with each other and who know that nothing's ever easy, but everything's worth it) and an intriguing and creepy adventure. Really, go try it. 
Tags: dr. who, fanfic, life in the circus, meanderings, self-absorption, writer's block, writing

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