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I'm still glued to new programs and news sites and newspapers, trying to determine how the multiple disasters in Japan will affect the entire world - and I'm pretty certain that's going to be the case, beyond even the tremendous sorrow and heartache that Japan is experiencing now - but I tried to take a break today because it was necessary for my mental health.

I took a saunter through Live Journal as part of that break, and I ran into this excellent piece of writing from the_arc5 . She talks about her reaction to a dismissive quote about slash-oriented Lord of the Rings fan fiction. As I read it, i found myself nodding and going, "she's right." I don't read a lot of LotR fanfic*, slash or otherwise, which I realize is because I have a perhaps unhealthy awe of Tolkien and his works. As I read the_arc5 's piece, I realized, to my shame, that I'd probably incorporated some of the attitude of the speaker whose quote she examines. I found her piece a well-written reminder to me that I'm just as apt to fall prey to to illogical and biased assumptions as anyone else.

*Although this has been changing, largely because of azalaisdep 's excellent LotR fic offerings.
Tags: fandom, fanfic, interesting people, writing

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