kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of two-plus months of DW memeishness

The Hits Just Keep On Coming
(And by hits I mean Day 21 - Your Doctor Who OTP)

And really, are they kidding? One OTP? One????

Silly meme.

Because I have more than one OTP.

And, because I normally go on at far too much length in these entries, I'll make this entry largely visual. 

Four and Romana II
Because Romana II is the only Time Lady who could ever Awe the Doctor. The Fourth Doctor.

Nine, Rose and Jack
Because it took a shop girl adventurer and a conman hero to heal the hearts of a Time Lord broken by the Time War
And because they are the epitome of Hawt with Heart and Mind and Soul.

And finally -
The Doctor/The TARDIS
Because the only relationship big enough to fill two hearts is a Dimensionally Transcendent Blue Box

Tags: dr. who, fandom, meme

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