kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Nataldalia, belated.

As November Ends ...
... I am reminded that I have neglected sending birthday wishes to friends, both LJ and RL, for some time now. Before midnight comes around, let me at least partly rectify that.

Here's my wish, then, for all of the following wonderful people - may your birthdays have been great, and may all the days since simply improved from there. And if any of you had a horrible birthday, may the days that followed have erased the horrible memories. You are all truly wonderful people, and you deserve the best the world can offer, and more!

I send those wholly inadequate wishes out to ...
  • don_fitch  (Nov. 2) I see this lovely gentleman far too rarely in RL and almost as rarely on Live Journal. He is a gifted gardener, blessed with memorable humor, intelligence, winning smiles and a great deal of patience with the foibles of humanity. He's a jewel of fandom (and gerisullivan  can back me up on that.)
  • erikvolson  (Nov. 5) This mercurial, ebullient Midwesterner is also brilliant, funny and kind. He's a connoisseur of bheer, of good music, and good company. He also wears a Red Hat with elan. And he's in my neck of the woods, so I should force coerce convince him to come over for supper one of these days.
  • cathica  (Nov. 8) We hail from similar parts of the world, and share a love of writing and Doctor Who. She, on the other hand, is a dab hand at writing beautiful and terrifying tales, and can probably deal with bears and zombies with much more equanimity than I. (You did manage to get through "Night of the Living Dead." I never could.) I look forward to meeting her sometime in RL.
  • mack_the_spoon  (Nov. 24) and ... (wait for it)
  • namarie24  (Nov. 24) Both Mack and Nam are remarkable siblings, who I met through LINDA over on the TWoP Doctor Who boards. It's been a pleasure to get to know two young people so dedicated to their calling, so full of fun, so adventurous, and so honorable. They're fans of DW, of the X-Files, of In Plain Site, and of Canada. They're also good writers and beloved of everyone who interacts with them over in LINDA. Additionally, they're the first Thunderkittens I've ever known. Heh.
  • othermewriter  (Nov. 26) A dedicated Doctor Who fan, and fanfic writer, who shares my 'shipping interests (Rose and Nine, FTW!) and is also a fellow admirer of the Eighth and Third Doctors (Opera capes and Venusian Aikido, also FTW!)
  • decadentdave  (Nov. 26) A Canadian science fiction fan and songwriter who I've had the pleasure and honor of knowing for many years, but who I've not had the pleasure of visiting with for far too many of them. If you've ever had the pleasure of listening to Dave, or of talking with him, you know what a treasure he is.
From me, to all of you - and to anyone else who I might, unforgiveably, have left off the list - I say again ...

Happy Birthday!
Tags: birthdays, dr. who, fandom, good people, interesting people, linda, twop

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