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Returning to Earth

Today was an interesting day. It wasn't spent in the limbo of a hospital, nor in the jubilation of Bob's return home, or completely sacked out in post-hospital collapse (that happened Tuesday; I came home from dealing with the car and Bob promptly ordered me to bed, and left a message with my boss saying he didn't trust me to drive. I slept right through until 8 p.m.)

Today, I actually got some work done, including an interview done on the road - note to self: don't ever - ever - write notes while driving again. Even when you don't take your eyes from the road, making your notes look like spirit-writing as a result.  And my beloved got the washer put back together.

Let me repeat that. He got the washer put back together. And I washed the first in-house load of laundry of the past three weeks. How awesome is that?

And before I head off to bed (where going to sleep with my head on his chest  again is still wonderfully new and wonderfully old) enjoy interesting links, courtesy of the Pew Research Center. This one includes
interesting figures on Americans and their use of technology (which my dyspeptic beloved pointed out lags far behind many other nations around the globe), while this one is an absolutely fascinating look at how mobile tech skews demographics skews polls.
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