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Doctor Who 30 Day Meme

     I have several days off in the near future. Might this not be a prime opportunity to make headway on this meme? We shall see.  Coming up immediately:

Day 14 - The Villain Who Scared You the Most
     As I said here, my favorite villains hail from Skaro. But the villain that scares me the most has to be The Empty Child, which comes in several lengths ahead of my nominee for the second most frightening villain in the Whoniverse, the Angels.
     Why? Well, imagine something that was once human, but who has been changed so much by a well-meaning pack of microscopic genetic manipulators that it is, for all human intents and purposes, mindless. Now imagine that the poor thing retains enough consciousness to know that it's alone and lonely - and that it is searching for relief from that lonelness. And finally, imagine that anyone who can't evade its searching hands loses human consciousness - slowly enough to realize the loss as it happens - and becomes a copy of it. Painfully so.
    That's both terrifying and horrifying; scary beyond belief.
    Here to haunt your dreams, (if you're anything like me), is an interpretation of The Empty Child, as seen in the pages of the Journal of Impossble Things, courtesy of  SheldonSands at Deviant Art.


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