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Social Niceties

Strawberry Shortcake
     That's what I fed belsum  and mr. b when they dropped by Casakaffyr today.
     They are delightful folks, and it really made my day to be able to introduce them to BB, to yammer on about the awesomeness of Eleven and Three, and how Captain Jack is marvelous, and about our love of Torchwood, and a whole lot more.
     I always love it it when I'm able to meet lj (and LINDA) members in real life - although when these social occasions happen, it seems I can never get myself in order enough to present the House Beautiful, completely effortless meal, and perfectly groomed hostess that I always want to. Blame my Nana for that, although I'd rather say credit her, because I can't think of anyone who taught me more about civilized entertaining. I like to think some of it rubbed off ... uh ... where was I?
   Right. The reality? Almost everyone who's ever met me for the first time has had to chat with me while I make dinner in the kitchen, and has had to hear my apologies for the mess the place is in. Mind you, we always seem to pull it off, undoubtedly due to the kindness of the gods of hospitality.
    Today, BB and I managed to get some of the carpet vacuumed before the guests arrived; the catbox didn't smell bad; I'd gotten to Costco and brought back the shortcake makings, plus a veggie tray; and finally, I put on my best "Sure, I meant it to turn out this way" attitude, and Thunderbirds Were Go.
    Of course, the most important thing was that belsum  and the Mr. were both extremely gracious about the whole situation. Thank you, folks! It was a pleasure, and I hope we have the chance to talk music and fandom again!!
Tags: dr. who, fandom, home stuff, interesting people, life in the circus, linda


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