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Dept. of a month of DW memeishness

Doctor Who 30 Day Meme
I can't seem to get the hang of this "one day after another" blogging discipline. But I am nothing if not doggedly determined. This may mean, of course, that I finish this meme sometime after receiving my first social security check, but when has procrastination ever stopped me?

Wait ....

Let's review, shall we?

Day 01 - Your favorite quote
Day 02 - Your favorite Classic Series episode
Day 03 - Your favorite New Series episode
Day 04 - Your favorite Doctor
Day 05 - Your favorite Companion
Day 06 - Whatever tickles your fancy

And, without further ado, I present

Day 07 - Your favorite music.

And once again, I have no clear favorites. I am continually impressed with Murray Gold's music. Despite some things I disagree with - he doesn't have the deftest touch with dynamics, something that became tougher to live with in later seasons, although my natural love for OTT drama generally mitigates that for me - I love his music. He easily captures the sense of characters, reaches in sometimes surprising directions to keep his tunes and themes fresh and individually striking, and the result is unforgettable. (I think perhaps the first time I realized that I loved Gold's music, not just "Doctor Who music" was when the Dalek themes, resonating with biblical depth and strength, hit me in the gut and heart alike.)

But I do have some favorites. In no particular order they are:
The Dalek Theme, (particularly near the end of this clip) because of its power. Its beauty is brutal, but memorable.
Martha's Theme, because it has a sly and measured intelligence that shows the hidden complexities of a character too often dismissed as Ten's rebound date.
Amy's Theme, because it incorporates themes from the past seasons with a delicate and eerie feel that announces the new era along with the new companion.
The Series 5 Doctor's Theme, because it gets my blood running and my heart pumping, and its the very epitome of that OTT drama I mentioned earlier.

The TARDIS Theme. Yes, I know the official name is The Doctor's Theme, but in my heart it will always be Her song. Just watch the scenes this music winds through; it comes from Her heart, not his, but it allows him to go on.
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